2013: :
No 1311

NZ: Pike River re‐entry starts 19/10/2013
No 1310

USA: PA Fatality is Third in Aggregates This Week
No 1309

NZ approves conditional funding to recover remains from Pike River mine
No 1308

Kiwi killed in West Australian mine accident
No 1307

NZ: Pike families vow to chase compensation
No 1306

WA: Probe continues into mine mishaps
No 1305

Company found guilty over NZ mine disaster…
No 1303

QLD: Kiwi dies in Australian mining accident
No 1302

2012 a Fatality Free Year in WA Mines
No 1301

Aggregate Miner Becomes First U.S. Mining Fatality in 2013
2012: :
No 1226

Grieving mother urges Qld Govt not to ignore mine safety
No 1225

NZ: Bill to impose Queensland mining regulations
No 1224

New Zealand Pike River coal mine managers missed signs of explosion: royal commission
No 1223

NZ: Pike River boss in court over mine disaster
No 1222

WA: Spotlight falls on mine safety
No 1221

NZ: Chief Inspector for mines appointed
No 1220

USA: Leaders from China receive mine training
No 1219

China’s coal mining still high-risk industry
No 1218

Safety concerns in booming Australian mining industry
No 1217

NZ: Driller admits lapses in mine disaster
No 1216

NZ: Potentially fatal accident closes mine
No 1215

Waihi Gold Mine

NZ:Trapped miners rescued
No 1214

NZ:Methane scare closes Huntly mine
No 1213

NZ: Whittal worried at Kiwi safety
No 1212

China: Trapped Miner Found Alive after 17 Days
No 1211

MSHA employees hurt more often than miners, lawmaker says
No 1210

Qld: Call for more mental health care at mines
No 1209

Peru: Miners rescued after week-long ordeal
No 1208

NZ: Pike River ‘failed abysmally’ to protect workers
No 1207

NZ: Pike River submissions near end
No 1206

2012 Engineering Safety Seminars
No 1205

“Mine safety just too important to be handed over just to management”.
No 1204

NZ: Gold mine closed down
No 1203

NZ: Pike River inquiry delivers answers
No 1202

No 1201

NZ – Pike River probe set to examine blast’s cause
2011: :
No 1135

UK Coal fined £1.2 million for mine deaths
No 1134

NZ: Pike River safety case postponed
No 1133

NZ: Miners may have survived first Pike River
No 1132

Nevada Gold Mine Blamed for Deaths of Two Workers
No 1131

Canada: Mining company fined $100k for safety violations
No 1130

No 1129

No 1128

No 1127

Pike River families to see footage
No 1126

No 1125

Qld: Truck accident at Saraji coal mine
No 1124

NZ: Appointing mines inspectors ‘too little, too late’
No 1123

WA: Inspectors to probe safety at Frog’s Leg (near Kalgoolie)
No 1122

Qld: Miners’ lifestyles causing car crashes
No 1121

NZ begins probe into deadly coal mine explosion
No 1120

NZ: World mining union watching Pike River
No 1119

Key says NZ mining practices will change
No 1118

Mechanical engineering safety seminar
No 1117

Certainty is what Pike families need
No 1116

No 1115

No 1114

NZ: Solid Energy confirms Pike River interest
No 1113

Miners may have survived first Pike River blast
No 1112

Workers buried alive in Vietnamese quarry disaster
No 1111

No 1108

No 1107

No 1106

No 1105

No 1104

USA: Fatal Mine Accident Totally Preventable
No 1103

NZ: Mine bodies unlikely to be recovered
No 1102

NZ: Pike River families only want bodies back
No 1101

2010: :
No 1037

Burning coalmine’s ventilation shaft capped
No 1036

NZ: How do we make sure miners are heard?
No 1035

Gag unit delivered to NZ Pike River mine
No 1034

NZ Pike River tragedy – 29 dead
No 1032

WA: Reaching out to bereaved families
No 1031

One week after rescue, Chile miners fed up with fame
No 1030

Chile to punish those responsible for mine accident
No 1029

Last miner freed from underground prison
No 1028

Chile rescue speeds up, cheering miner families
No 1027

Chile could rescue miners by mid-October
No 1026

Chile miners: engineers unveil 21ins wide rescue capsule
No 1025

Chile: Underground Dreams – Beer, Hugs and Weddings
No 1024

International experts gather for mining safety conference
No 1023

No 1022

No 1021

No 1019

No 1018

No 1017

No 1016

No 1015

No 1014

No 1013

No 1012

“Extra mines inspectors are being hired this year in a move to improve safety at sites (WA)
No 1010

No 1009

No 1008

No 1006

No 1005

No 1004

No 1003

Muscular-skeletal disorders in mining, surveyresults released…
No 1002

No 1001

2009: :
No 0936

No 0935

No 0934

No 0933

No 0932

No 0931

QLD: Fatigue puts safety in jeopardy
No 0929

No 0928

Mining accidents – reporting to next ofkin
No 0927

Harmony shuts S.Africa gold plant afterfatality
No 0926

A Beaconsfield miner recognised for braveryin the 2006 mine rescue in northern Tasmania says many miners are still helping each other get over the disaster.
No 0925

NZ: Man in stable condition after mining accident (Stockton)
No 0924

No 0923

No 0921

WA: Rockfalls at Nickel mine ‘couldforce BHP mine closure’
No 0920

WA: Kambalda mine death inquest begins.. more
No 0919

QLD chosen to manage new Australia-China mine project at the Xuandong coal mine, 150km from Beijing…
No 0918

WA – Relief over successful minerescue..
No 0917

No 0916

No 0915

No 0914

No 0913

…Worker faked mine reports,state says…more
No 0912

No 0911

No 0910

“At 9.30am on Thursday the26th of March 1896, an explosion deep in the Brunner Mine killed all 65 miners inside, and was labeled the worst mining disaster in New Zealand?shistory…”
No 0909

No 0908

No 0907

No 0906

No 0905

No 0904

No 0903

No 0902

No 0901

2008: :
No 0831

No 0830

No 0828

No 0827

No 0826

No 0825

Various reports from aroundthe world
No 0823

Accident reports from USA,China, Philipines, Austtalia, South Africa…
No 0822

..Last witness at Beaconsfield gives evidence 25/9/08..
265 killed in Chinese mine mud-slide…
No 0820

No 0818

No 0817

South Africa – A seismic eventmeasuring 1.2 on the Richter occurred … caused a fall of ground, which trapped three miners; More Beaconsfield…
No 0816

Various mining tragedies; Morerevelations at Beaconsfield;… more
No 0815

Beaconsfield inquestcontinues… China mining accidents down
No 0814

Beaconsfield inquest continues…
No 0813

No 0811

No 0810

Various coal mining incidentsand accidents …
No 0805

Poor operating proceduresblamed for coal mine flood…
Mechanic killed at West Viginia coal prep plant…
Gas explosion in southwest China coal mine kills 14…
No 0802

Magnate under fire over mine death…
Heavy rains hit Qld’s coal mines…