About Us

Our mission is to promote the fellowship, education and training of members to enhance the image and professionalism of quarrying in New Zealand. 

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IOQ Crest:
Terram Autem Filiis Hominum (in latin) means the earth hath He (God) given to the children of men.

The Motto reminds quarry operators of their responsibilities to preserve and optimise the usage of the land given by God and the need to protect the environment surrounding the land.

The Institute’s Coat of Arms was designed at the College of Arms in London and granted in 1958. The College of Arms is part of the royal household and it is responsible for both issuing and controlling the use of all armorial bearings through the Laws of Arms.

A Coat of Arms is comprised of three basic elements – a shield, crest (the emblem on top) and motto. More elaborate designs may also have what is known as supporters which are usually either figures, or animals, positioned either side of the shield. Arms of high status, such as may have been granted to a member of the royal family, may have more than one crest.

The Institute’s Coat of Arms is now considered to be a fine example of the period and it is meant to symbolise the origin, aims and scope of the organisation.

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