Why Become a Member?

The Institute of Quarrying NZ (IOQ NZ) is an industry-leading organisation which represents individuals in the extractive industry. We provide authentic fellowship and actively support, promote and encourage professional development and training for our members. Ultimately, your membership is about connecting you to the industry. Our members include operators, geologists, production managers, quarry and site managers, CEO’s, laboratory staff, environmental specialists, surveyors, technical staff, sales staff, health and safety officers and many more.

Membership Benefits

Membership of the IOQ NZ is about supporting you and your commitment to your career in the extractives and associated industries.

The benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Authentic friendship and lifelong networks
  • Opportunities for professional advancement through local and international networking
  • Professional support and mentoring from IOQ NZ (Inc.) Executive and Education Officer
  • Up to date advice on regulations, competency requirements, and changes that affect the quarry industry
  • Links to peers, leaders and industry experts
  • Discounted CPD training through the IOQ NZ (Inc.) webinars, seminars, etc.
  • Discounted registration to Annual QuarryNZ Conference
  • Invitation to attend IOQ NZ (Inc.) branch technical meetings
  • Eligibility to receive quarry industry awards
  • Receive quarterly Newsletter
  • Receive membership discount card for use at selected major stores/chains nationwide
  • Access to members only section on the IOQ NZ (Inc.) webpage
  • Access to a variety of CPD opportunities to meet your CoC requirements
  • All members receive a membership certificate and corporate members have the right to use designatory letters after their name (Hon FIQ, FIQ, MIQ and TMIQ)

Membership Grades



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Engaged in a recognised course of study or training relating to the industry.

Associate Member

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Engaged in the industry.



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Anyone with experience in a position of responsible charge for three or more years and has suitable industry qualifications such as a National Diploma in Extractives Industries or an A or B Grade Certificate of Competence.

Technical Member

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Anyone with experience in a position of responsible charge for three or more years and has technical skills or expertise that has been underpinned by a technical qualification.


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Anyone with at least seven years experience in the industry, including no less than four years in a position of senior managerial charge and has suitable industry qualifications such as a National Diploma in Extractives Industries or an A or B Grade Certificate of Competence.

Honorary Fellow

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Anyone who has rendered a significant contribution to the Institute and the industry, generally warrants honorary fellowship.

Membership Fees

Student $66.00*
Associate $193.00*
Member $171.00*
Technical Member $171.00*
Fellow $171.00*
Honorary Fellow No fee
Retired $66.00

*Joining Fee of $46.00 applies.

Membership Upgrades

You can upgrade at any time from Associate to Member, Member to Fellow etc providing you meet the membership criteria. To upgrade please complete an Application Form.

Membership Transfer Between Affiliated International Institutes

Members who already belong to the Institute of Quarrying in another affiliated country (UK, Southern Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia) can apply to transfer their membership without completing a new Application Form. We (IOQ NZ) will simply contact the relevant Secretary to confirm that your application is genuine. Similarly, IOQ NZ members wishing to transfer to one of the above countries, can request their membership to be transferred.

Applying for Membership

It’s easy to join. All you need to do is click the JOIN NOW button, fill out the online form and attach your qualifications.

Or you can print out the PDF Version HERE.

  • Complete all details.
  • Your Application Form must have an IOQ corporate member proposer and seconder (with the appropriate grade of membership as documented on the application form).
  • Sign the Application Form.
  • Attach supporting documentation.
  • Once completed, send application to [email protected] for processing.

All membership applications will be forwarded to our Membership Approval Committee for approval. Membership applications will take approximately one week to process providing all documentation has been forwarded. Once approved, you will be notified and an invoice will be issued to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay the joining fee every year?

No. The joining fee is a one-off fee that is paid when you first join the IOQ NZ.

If I join mid-way through the year, do I have to pay a full years' membership fee?

Yes. Our membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December of each year and therefore, you will be required to pay the full membership fee if you apply during the year.

If my job role changes and I get promoted, can I change grades?

Yes. Membership grades are aligned to experience and roles in the industry. If you change roles, gain further qualifications or have extended time in the industry you can apply to upgrade your membership. This process recognises career progression and is strongly encouraged by the IOQ NZ.

Can I join if I work for a supplier?

Yes. The IOQ NZ membership is open to anyone involved in the industry. There are many members who work for suppliers, or who undertake support roles. The IOQ NZ offers networking and development for everyone involved in the industry and we welcome all industry representatives.

What happens to my membership if I change companies?

As IOQ NZ membership is for individuals, if you change companies your IOQ NZ membership will go with you. Your membership will remain current until the 31 December. If you change company, or any other personal details, make sure you let us know your updated details.

Who can join the IOQ NZ as a member?

Anyone involved, or interested in the industry can join the IOQ NZ as a corporate or non-corporate member. Joining the IOQ NZ is easy, simply CLICK HERE to join online or download the form and send to [email protected]. We welcome all industry representatives from support staff, suppliers, operators, technical staff, engineers and of course those involved in quarry operations.

What post nominals can I use as an IOQ NZ member?

The IOQ NZ Rules outline the member grades and post-nominals. Members in the following grades can use post-nominals:

  • Honorary Fellow – Hon. FIQ.
  • Fellow – FIQ.
  • Member – MIQ.
  • Technical Member – TMIQ.


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