Our mission is to promote the fellowship, education and training of members to enhance the image and professionalism of quarrying in New Zealand.

Benefits of Membership

The greatest benefit of membership is the reward associated with the friendship and camaraderie that comes from being able to meet up with like-minded people, whether it is at local, national or international level. Other benefits are listed below:

  1. Invitation to attend IoQ technical meetings
  2. Membership links to quarry industry professionals
  3. Access to IoQ Continuing Professional Development package, both hard copy and online
  4. All members are kept up to date with relevant legislation and proposed changes that may impact on quarrying
  5. Discounted registration to Annual QuarryNZ conference
  6. Eligibility to receive quarry industry awards
  7. Receive quarterly Newsletter
  8. Receive membership discount card for use at several major stores/chains nationwide
  9. All members receive membership certificate and corporate members have the right to use designatory letters after their name (FIQ,MIQ and TMIQ)
  10. Access to members only section on the IoQ webpage

Who can join?

Membership of the Institute is open to everyone in a position of responsibility with appropriate qualifications and/or experience employed in, or supplying to, the surface mineral extractive and processing industries in any country of the world.

This includes hard-rock quarrying, sand and gravel (both land-based and marine-dredged), recycling, special sands, cement, lime, gypsum, clays, coal, slate, asphalt, ready-mixed concrete and concrete products.

The Institute also embraces all the professional and consultancy services which support the industry. There is a dedicated Supply Industry Committee representing those engaged in the supply of plant, equipment, material and services which advises Council.

As well as having a broad industry base, Institute membership reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of the business it serves and keeps an open door to everyone from a chief executive to a trainee manager.

Accordingly it draws its support from all those who contribute to the successful operation of the minerals industry today – geologists, surveyors, engineers, production managers, quarry and site managers, commercial and financial managers, technical and laboratory staff, landscape architects and environmental specialists, sales and service engineers, health and safety officers/inspectors, planning officers and a host of others in positions of responsibility.

Members are kept up to date on topical events – IOQNZ has seats on the Minex and MITO boards, as well as representatives on the (WorkSafe NZ) Board of Examiners.

Membership Grades

There are several grades of membership available:

Please see the IOQ Membership Info form just below for more detailed information about which grade of membership is right for you.

Membership Information

Fee Structure FY 2019

Grade Fee
Student $62.00 *
Associate $183.00 *
Member $163.00 *
Technical Member $163.00 *
Fellow $166.00 *
Honorary Fellow no fee
Retired (no voting rights) $62.00

* Joining fee of $41 applies

Fees are increased by 2.5% annually.

Membership Upgrades

Members who are wishing to upgrade from say Associate to Member, Member to Fellow, etc., will also be required to complete an Application Form (see below). Copies of each member’s original Application Form are kept by the Secretary. Obtaining a copy prior to completing a new Application Form for Membership Upgrade will make this process easier.

Applying for Membership

  • Complete all details
  • Your Application Form must have an IOQ member proposer and seconder
  • Sign the Application Form.
  • Attach associated personal documentation.
  • Important – All Applications for Memberships with supporting documentation can be either mailed to the Secretary or emailed to

Please post all applications for membership to the IOQNZ Secretary

The application form for membership and membership upgrades is available here:

Membership Transfer between Affiliated International Institutes

Members who already belong to the Institute of Quarrying in another affiliated country (UK, Southern Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia) can apply to transfer their membership without completing a new Application Form. We (IOQNZ) will simply contact the relevant Secretary to confirm that your application is genuine.

Similarly, IOQNZ members wishing to transfer to one of the above countries, can expect their membership to be transferred.

Code of Professional Conduct

The IOQNZ upholds a professional stance on all activities carried out by its members, and expects that all members aide by ist Code of Professional Conduct