Safety Alerts:
NSW SafetyAlert 12-02

Driver injured during pipe unloading
NSW Safety Alert 11-10

Park-brake malfunction leads to crush injuries
NSW Safety Alert 11-03

Stockpile Collapses on Loader Driver
NSW Safety Alert 11-02

Field technician trapped between vehicle bull bar and stock gate
NSW Safety Alert 11-01

Water inrush from Raisebore Hole
NSW Safety Alert 10-07

Shotfirer hit by falling shotcrete
NSW Safety Alert 10-06

Contractor suffers serious burns
NSW Safety Alert 10-05

Water tanker rollover at haul road intersection
NSW Safety Alert 10-03

Shearer operator crushed by automated longwall roof support
NSW Safety Alert10-01

Longwall hydraulic system
NSW Safety Alert 09-14

Crane A-frame mast falls on rigger
NSW Safety Alert 09-13

Light vehicle drives off bench in open cut mine
NSW-Safety Alert 09-11

Rail loading bin spill
NSW-Safety Alert 09-10

Directional boring fatality
NSW-Safety Alert 09-09

Rock falls from elevated conveyor onto worker?s head
NSW-Safet Alert 09-08

Misfire of explosives
NSW SafetyAlert 09-07

Structural failure and collapse of drill rig mast
NSW SafetyAlert 09-06

Fatality – Repairs to Longwall Shearer
NSW Saftey Alert 09-05

Mine worker crushed against rib by remote-controlled continuous miner
NSW Safety Alert 09-04

Hydraulic injection near miss
NSW Safety Alert 09-03

Truck operator fatality…
NSW Safety Alert 09-02

Diesel engines run on methane-enriched atmosphere
NSW Safety Alert 09-01

Driver injured in dump truck rollover…
NSW Safety Alert 08-12

Anti-friction washer ignites.
Safety Bulletins:
NSW Mines Safety Update April 2012

New legislation for workplaces
NSW Safety Bulletin 10-08

Bullying or victimisation at the workplace
NSW Safety Bulletin 10-05

Airborne Dust – Inhalable Dust Control
NSW Safety Bulletin 10-04

Two-post light vehicle maintenance hoists
NSW Safety Bulletin 10-03

Mobile plant – safety critical systems
NSW Safety Bulletin 10-02

Handling earthmoving equipment tyres
NSW Safety Bulletin 10-01

Brake problems associated with road registered truck use at mines
NSW Safety Bulletin 09-05

Failure of mobile equipment braking systems and procedures
NSW Safety Bulletin 09-04

Human interaction with backhoes and excavators
NSW Safety Bulletin 09-03

Broken pull chain results in fatality
NSW Safety Bulletin 09-02

Mobile equipment contact with high-voltage overhead powerlines
NSW Safety Bulletin 08-11

Mineworkers injured in machinery crush zones
NSW Safety Bulletin 08-08

Mineworkers injured in machinery crush zones
NSW Safety Bulletin 08-07

Failure of fire suppression system on rear dump truck…
NSW Saftey Bulletin 08-06

Working near quarry benches

Castle Hill. Remember to shore up concrete floors when using mobile cranes…

Establish and enforce safe work procedures for working around mobile equipment…
Worker crushed by sliding backhoe

The backhoe was positioned on a 1-in-4.7 slope entry to a sump…
NSW Mining Safety Report – Aug 08

Focus on OSH
The maximum bridge load was not 100 tonnes after all, it was 10 tonnes! Pesky little zero
NSW Mining Safety Update, Feb 2008

New safety legislation introduced for NSW mines..
First duty is to nominate a mine operator…