Welcome back to another year of continuing professional development! Once again, the IOQNZ will regularly release webinars to assist in developing and enhancing your knowledge, skills, and careers. However, in 2023, things will be a little different!

In 2023, our webinars will be offered in a recorded format for you to undertake at your availability and convenience. That means, webinars will not be held on a specific date and time as they have been offered in previous years. We do not want you to miss out on your continuing professional development if you are not available for a scheduled webinar as it has been the case for many of our members in previous years.

The IOQNZ is keen for you to undertake continuing professional development whenever it is convenient to you. Some members may complete the webinar in one sitting on the same day, other members may choose to watch some of the webinar on one day, pause it and come back to complete the webinar on another day. You will be able to stop and start the webinar according to your availability. We want these continuing professional development webinar opportunities to be truly a 24/7 offering.

Think of it like NETFLIX for continuing professional development!

February 2023 Webinar is Leadership Skills for the Future.

Topics covered in this webinar are:
1. Snapshot of the megatrends
2. The future is changing
3. Leading today and tomorrow
4. Core competencies
5. Leading Vs Managing
6. Your leadership level
7. Changing scope and stakes
8. Organisational growth
9. Assessing your competencies
10. Integrity and values
11. Emotional self-control
12. Increasing resilience
13. Building key relationships
14. Developing people and teams
15. Creating inclusion and belonging
16. Organisational acumen
17. Enhancing innovation
18. Leading with purpose
19. Leading change
20. Continuing your growth

This webinar attracts 2 hours CPD (unrestricted); participants must complete a multiple-choice quiz at the conclusion of the webinar and submit for assessment to be awarded the 2 CPD hours.

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