New Continuing Professional Development requirements guidelines and logbook available The new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and logbook are available on the WorkSafe website. These reflect the new CPD gazette notice which comes into force on 1 February. “The New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners (the Board) is pleased to present the new guidelines and CPD logbook and would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation. We also acknowledge the significant contribution from the industry workshop participants, who provided input to the guidelines and logbook development,” says Paul Hunt, Chair of the Board.

CPD guidelines

The new guidelines and logbook are easier to use and provide all the information you need on:

  • what CPD is
  • what sort of activity constitutes CPD
  • a summary of CPD requirements
  • what key learnings means
  • how to record your CPD
  • providing acceptable evidence of your CPD
  • what the areas of learning are
  • what unrestricted and restricted activities are
  • CPD topics
  • CPD legislative requirements
  • transitional arrangements
  • how to get help.

You should keep a copy of the guidelines with your CPD records for easy reference. If you would like hard copies of the CPD Guidelines and logbook keep an eye out for WorkSafe Inspectors or Secretariat staff at events and request a copy.

Read the guidelines

CPD logbook

From 1 February, you must record your CPD in the new logbook. You can also record CPD activities completed before 1 February in the new logbook. When you renew your CoC you might submit a combination of the:

  • old paper based logbook
  • online CPD records
  • new CPD logbook in the PDF, Word or Excel version submitted electronically or paper-based. This can include any endorsed logbooks.

Please note the online CPD system won’t be updated to reflect the new requirement as the Board considers future options to improve it. This new PDF version of the logbook is the first version to be released. A Word and Excel version with more functionality will be released soon. If you want to wait for their release before updating your CPD records, we recommend you can get started on your key learnings using the CPD guidelines in the meantime. When it’s time to apply for renewing your CoC you can submit the PDF version (or Word or Excel versions once released) electronically, or print and submit a paper-based version of the CPD logbook.

The new gazette notice allows for other logbooks to be endorsed by WorkSafe. If you have another version of a logbook that you’d like to get endorsed (with the same information requirements as the WorkSafe CPD logbook), please contact the Board Secretariat.

Download the new logbook

Alternative evidence form

The new CPD gazette notice requires CoC holders to provide evidence that demonstrates they attended or completed all CPD activities. However, because there are some situations in which a CoC holder may be unable to provide this, we have developed an alternative evidence form to indicate what steps have been taken to get the evidence, and what alternative evidence can be provided. The alternative evidence form should also be used in cases where the COC holder has previously recorded an informal CPD activity that didn’t require evidence. If you have any questions about CPD, please contact the Secretariat team on 04 901 4980 or [email protected]

Download the form