Gold room explosion

WA Mines Safety Significant Incident Report 170

Gold room explosion – integrated pressure strip electrowinning (IPSE) circuit failure
WA-Mines Safety Bulletin 95 Ventilation standards in underground mines
WA Safety Bulletin No91

Use of wooden blocks to support earthmoving equipment

Fitter struck by roller shutter support bracket
WA Safety Bulletin No 87

Excavating near cables buried in the ground
WA Safety Bulletin No 86

Death of an airleg miner in a rockfall
WA-SIR154.pdf Heavy wire lifting slings fell from crane hook ? employees injured..
WA Mines Safety Bulletin 84 Failure of light vehicle steering box
WA Mines Safety Bulletin 83 Earthing of ANFO loaders used underground
WA-SIR153 Truck driver fell from deck of Caterpillar 777D haul truck
WA-SIR151 Crushed in elevated working Platform (EWP)pinch point..
WA=18 – Calibre – Working in the Field Four-wheel drive incident “The branch could have easily protruded through the drivers seat causing a fatal accident…”