Significant Event 09-06-04 Fatality – Ped vs LV RunOver
Significant Event 08-02-23 Backhoe Contacted Gas line
Significant Event 09-02-21 Surface Production Drilling Mast Failure
Significant Event 09-02-15 Underground Shaft Cage Movement
Significant Event 09-02-04 Processing Loader Causing Rock Fall
Significant Event 09-01-06 Fatality KCGM Fall from HV Cat 777D
Significant Event 08-11-12 Underground Bogger Struck Light Vehicle
Significant Event 08-10-09 FATALITY Truck Work Shop Tool Rack Fall
Significant Event 08-08-23 Exploration Drill Tower Failure
Significant Event 08-08-09 Surface Mining Rock vs Excavator
Significant Event 08-08-01 Drill Rig Exploration
Significant Event 08-06-17 Excavator vs HV Lines
Significant Event 08-06-06 Electrcial Cable Cut by Slashing Weeds
Significant Event 08-03-26 Surface Mining Blasting Incident
Significant Event 08-03-11 Production Drill Mast Failure
USA 090117 Hopper engulfment fatality..
USA 090106 Struck by falling material fatality..
USA 081211 EWP fatality…Allow only authorized and qualified personnel to
USA 081022 Dozer rollover fatality…
USA MNM Falling Material Alert 2009 Between Jan06 & Jan09, there have been 10 fatal and 20 non-fatal accidents involving falling/sliding material..
USA 081117 Struck by Mobile Equipment Fatality Report
USA 081029 Fall of Load Fatality Report
USA 081028 Dump Truck Nose
USA 081017 Rockfall Fatality Report
USA 081016 Continuous Miner Crush
USA 081009 Fall of Equipment FatalityReport
USA 081007 Chute Material
USA 081001 Vehicle into Water Fatality
USA 080901 Fall through Opening Fatality
USA Fatality – Dredge Pond Loader driver drowns. Sand slump at edge of Dredging pond….
USA 080818
..Use sling or chain assemblies (rigging) specifically intended for lifting and adequately rated for the loads being lifted.
USA 080815 Floodlight Electrocution FatalityReport Best Practices …De-energize power from the circuit and lock out/tag the switch..more
USA 080531 Rockfall Fatality Report Driller / Rockfall incident..
USA 080522 Crusher Fatality Report
USA 080517 Truck Fall Fatality Report

Tipping at Stockpile face …
USA 080507 Various Coalmining AccidentsNews Articles of Coal Accidents – USA, Kyrgyzstan, Russia; Tasmania Safety Update…
USA 080503 Drowning Fatality Report Excavator Operator in sandmine…
USA 080424 Struck By Loader FatalityReport Underground sand mine ..
USA 080422 Rockfall Fatality Report
USA 080421 Backfill Fall Fatality Report
USA 080418 Crush Fatality Report Avoid the RedZone …
USA 080312 – Dozer Belly Pan Fatality
USA 080225 – Surveyor Struck By ShuttlecarFatality
USA 080218 – Overhead Powerline Fatality
USA 080201 – Dozer Engine Fatality
USA 080126 – Struck By Underground TruckFatality
USA 080125 – Struck By Falling ObjectFatality
USA 080112 – Highwall Collapse Fatality
USA 080108 – Truck Over Tip Head Fatality
USA 070612 Fatal Falling Material Accident Killedwhen…entered a trench and was struck by a large section of clay when a vertical wall of the trench collapsed….