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Winstone 3 Kings Quarry plan

Three Kings Quarry is located just 6km from the Auckland CBD. As it nears the end of its life as a working quarry, Winstone Aggregates proposal to utilise it as a cleanfill / development site moves a step closer. ..read more

Quarry centre of big plan

“More than 26,000 jobs could be created by a proposed 420-hectare industrial park around the Drury quarry, owner Stevenson says.” For those of us in the quarrying sector, a proposal of this nature and magnitude is a good news story, as protection of such a large resource of aggregate in reasonably close proximity to the […]

Oparure Quarry  Wins Prestigious Caernarfon Award 2009

Oparure Quarry Wins Prestigious Caernarfon Award 2009

McDonald’s Lime, Oparure Quarry management and staff are on a high. And well they might be. Each year the IOQ International Presidents select the best paper given at an Institute conference, seminar, meeting etc anywhere in the world which is adjudged to have contributed the most to the advancement of some aspect of the industry […]

Swiss giant gets nod for land buys

Report from NZ Herald Wed March 05, 2008 By Anne Gibson Swiss quarry and cement giant Holcim has Government approval to buy large blocks of land in North Otago where it is planning to establish a new cement plant. In the latest round of decisions released by the Overseas Investment Office, Holcim made five separate […]

Halswell Quarry Park well worth a visit

Halswell Quarry Park well worth a visit

Hallswell Quarry had been quarried for over 140 years until its closure in 1990. So why are we mentioning it now? Take a look at the website to find out how a well planned rehabilitation plan can work wonders at your quarry. Its something Christchurch is now very proud of. Perhaps you’d like to visit […]

Blasting at Dunback Lime Quarry

15/02/06. Blasting is common place for many of us quarry people. For some it’s quite an event and this article recording ablast at Taylor’s Lime at Dunback (near McRaes Gold) made it to the ODT (for non NZer’s, that’s short for Otago Daily Times.) And when a well-known All Black coach is involved there has […]

Whangarei Quarry Gardens

What do you do with a disused quarry ? This quarry site is in the process of being restored. The (web)site makes an interesting read, and if you enjoy gardening and rare plants, the physical site is also well worth a visit Native birds abound – wood pigeons and the like See the spectaular 40 […]