The Institute of Quarrying NZ Award

The Institute of Quarrying NZ Award is very much the ‘members award’. Its main function is to provide a means whereby IOQNZ can formally recognise both a long-serving member who is held in high regard because of a long period of outstanding service to the Institute, and / or a retiring President at the end of his tenure on the Executive Council.

This Award is, above all, a measure of the esteem in which the nominee is held by his colleagues, and is made in the true spirit of Institute fellowship.

The rules governing the presentation of the IOQNZ Award are as follows:

  1. The Award would normally be given to members of not less than 20 years’ standing, during which time the nominee should have been a regular supporter of Institute activities, often having undertaken a long period of service on a branch or other committee.
    – or the nominee is –
    A retiring corporate member who has served the Institute as both a board member and has held consecutive terms as Vice-President, President and Immediate Past President.
  2. The nomination must have the support of the NZ National Council.
  3. The Award will be in the form of a mounted Institute of Quarrying NZ Inc crest and shall be presented at an Institute Conference .

Download IOQ-Award-Nomination-Form