Terra Cat Award

The Terra Cat Award is a $3500 travel grant, towards the cost of travel within New Zealand or Australia for the operator that has consistently shown the most dedication and commitment to the quarrying industry.


  1. The Nominee must currently belong to the Institute of Quarrying, and have been employed in the quarry industry for at least 2 years.
  2. The award is not transferable and all travel must be completed within 18 months of the presentation which is made at the Institute’s New Zealand Conference normally held in July each year.
  3. A condition of the award is that the travel be used to advance their knowledge of the quarrying industry and a detailed written report on the travel is submitted to the Institute and TerraCAT within 18 months of the presentation. The report will become the property of the Institute who can publish it in whole or part as it sees fit.
  4. Both TerraCAT and the Institute of Quarrying NZ (Inc) will give every assistance to the recipient to plan the travel and during travel, but neither accepts responsibility for the person’s well-being or costs in excess of the amount of $3500 while the travel is being undertaken.
  5. Nominations can be made by any member of the Institute, any Group Committee, or any TerraCAT employee.
  6. Nominations should be sent to the national Secretary together with all required information  before 31 May each year.
  7. The Selection Panel will consist of the NZ Institute President (or nominee), another IOQ Executive Committee Member and a Representative of TerraCAT Senior Management.

Nomination Form

Past Winners

2023 Kerry Schofield

2022 Dylan Kelcher

2021 Bonnie Walker

2020 No conference

Previously known as the Gough Cat Travel Award

2019 Peter Ford

Prior to this date – the Gough Cat Award was withdrawn for a few years

2012 Mike Ryan

2011 Allan McDonald

2010 Mark Cameron

2009 Tim Kennedy

2008 Dean Torstonson

2007 Shane Toto

2006 Stephen Garwood

2005 Jim Greenlaw

2004 Ross McKinnel & Jonny Francis

2003 Andrew Dronjak

2002 Warwick Leach

2001 Hamish Beattie

2000 Craig Bond

1999 Don Parker

1998 Donald Phillips

1997 Paul Strange

1996 Brian Bouzaid

1995 Jason Delamore

1994 Tony Dowd

1991 Croydon Vincent


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