BR Webster Family Education Scholarship

Bruce Webster was a founding member of the IOQ in New Zealand. The Scholarship in his memory is to be awarded to individuals who are studying towards qualifications in order to advance their tertiary study or practical learning and is designed to advance the management capability within the quarrying sector.

Who can apply?

Scholarship recipients must be an IOQ member for a minimum of 12 months prior to applying for the scholarship.

What can I receive?

The Scholarship includes all course fees, travel, accommodation and incidental expenses up to $3,000 per annum, up to a maximum of three years.

Who administers the Scholarship?

Delegated authority for the award of a Scholarship is vested with the Scholarship Trustees.  The Scholarship Trustees include: The President, Vice-President and Past President of The Institute of Quarrying New Zealand  ( Inc.) and two representatives from B. R. Webster family.

How do I apply?

Applications close on 30 May each year. You will need to complete the attached application form, provide a copy of your curriculum vitae and a letter of support from your employer.

Please complete the application and email it to: Petrina Torstonson at [email protected] or post to:

Scholarship Trustees
Robert Webster – Managing Director, Websters Hydrated Lime Company Ltd
Tim Kennedy – President The Institute of Quarrying (IOQNZ Inc)
Chris Gray – Vice President of The Institute of Quarrying (IOQNZ Inc)
Dean Torstonson – Past President The Institute of Quarrying (IOQNZ Inc)

All nominations should be forwarded to the IOQ Secretary by 31 May.

Final decisions regarding the awarding of the Scholarship remain with the Education Trust Scholarship sub committee.
Download Webster Scholarship Details and Application Form

Past Winners

2022 Chris Marshall, Paul Campbell

2020 Dylan Ward

2018 Jake Rouse

2014 Shawn McLean & Andrew Dronjak

2012 Chris Sinclair

2010 Bryce Johnson

2008 Grant Cudby & Richard McKay

2006 Blair Mathieson

2005 Ross Picard

2004 Richard Hardwick

2003 Andrew Dronjak

Note: Not awarded every year

Bruce and Rae Webster

Rae and Bruce Webster, May 2002 – at his IOQ Honorary Fellowship Award.


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