BR Webster Family Education Scholarship

Bruce and Rae Webster

Rae and Bruce Webster, May 2002 – at his IOQ Honorary Fellowship Award

Bruce Webster was a founding member of the IOQ in New Zealand. The Scholarship in his memory is to be awarded to individuals who are studying towards qualifications in order to advance their tertiary study or practical learning. It is preferred that this study is carried out in conjunction through MITO but is not a requirement.

The Scholarship is to be awarded to individuals who are studying towards either of these qualifications with, limited financial ability to contribute, or with or without the support of their employing company.

(Note: the majority of trainees have one third of their costs paid for by the company and two thirds of costs paid for by subsidy through MITO. Some choose to pay their own one third. It is trainees in this category who are eligible for this scholarship.)

It is a condition of the Scholarship that the funding be made available, where possible, to trainees who may be experiencing financial hardship by virtue of having to pay their own one third costs.



Scholarship Trustees

Robert Webster – Managing Director, Websters Hydrated Lime Company Ltd
Dean Torstonson – President The Institute of Quarrying (IOQNZ Inc)
Tim Kennedy – Vice-President The Institute of Quarrying (IOQNZ Inc)
Peter Morgan – Past President of The Institute of Quarrying (IOQNZ Inc)

All nominations should be forwarded to the IOQ Secretary by 31 May.

Final decisions regarding the awarding of the Scholarship remain with the Education Trust Scholarship sub committee.

Download Webster Scholarship Details and Application Form