The Caernarfon Award is presented annually for the best paper given at an Institute conference, seminar or meeting anywhere in the world.

Congratulations to Tegan Smith who is the first Institute of Quarrying Australia woman to win the Caernarfon Award.

Tegan presented her winning paper ‘Changing Perspectives‘ at the IQA conference in March 2022 which focused on the current language used to describe the industry, the perception of the industry in the community and the need for the industry to change its narrative.

To read the Quarry Magazine article click here.

We would also like to acknowledge the other submissions made including the presentation by Dr Mary Obele “Do it for Grandma” at the 2021 Quarry NZ Conference.

In 2005 IOQNZ women Arsini Hanna, and Christina Reinhart received the award for their contribution to the Three Kings Quarry team presentation, “Three Kings Quarry – Excellence in Environmental Management” .