Presenter: Neill Kydd
21 September 2021

CPD Hours: 1-hour unrestricted

Learning Objectives:
Your key learnings will be:
1. Knowing what the employers and employees’ responsibilities are regarding worker health matters.
2. Knowing how to apply the Wait Take 5 Strategy.
3. Understanding the importance of consultation and its impact on worker health.
4. Knowing how to identify bullying, discrimination, harassment, and violence in the workplace.
5. Knowing what can happen the impact it has when worker health goes wrong.

1. Employer Responsibilities
2. Worker Responsibilities
3. Wait Take 5 Strategy
4. Consultation
5. Bullying
6. Discrimination and Harassment
7. Violence
8. Impact when it all goes wrong!

• $25 IOQ NZ Member
• $50 Non-Member

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