The New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners and Secretariat recognise the impact that the COVID-19 restrictions may have had on Certificate of Competence (CoC) holders and have worked with WorkSafe on ways to assist those affected. The restrictions and their effects have changed over time and will potentially change further as the Government’s pandemic response is expected to remain in place for some time.

The following current issues have been identified:
  • many regular continuing professional development (CPD) activities have been cancelled or postponed which may affect a CoC holder’s ability to meet their CPD requirements

  • there were limited or no opportunities to attend first aid refresher courses or obtain certification of documents in Alert Levels 4 and 3

  • face to face oral exams were suspended in Alert Levels 4 and 3

  • the scheduling of face to face oral exams in Alert Level 2 may not be permitted or difficult to arrange.

We have new information on our website about exemption from CPD requirements due to COVID-19, renewal of first aid certificates, certification of documents, and oral exams during this time.  See more details on Worksafe NZ Website