ACT Safety have looked at and reviewed their main programmes. They are still able to offer this training to get the bulk of it completed during this Covid-19 shut-down period. This when business starts up people are virtually ready to go barring from perhaps some practical components required. These could be completed reasonably quickly, either on-site or at ACT Safety’s training facility.

MITO are very keen for running virtual classrooms. Likewise (ACT Safety) direct learners are continuing with virtual classes. MITO are happy with ACT Safety reaching out directly to IOQNZ members as it will save lots of double handling.

They propose to use ZOOM conferencing tool. 

Attached is the latest programme

NOTE: This is a standard document covering the main courses we are still running.  Naturally, the first (top) point on the table (second page) regarding extractives is the main point IQNZ members will be most interested in.

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