Competency: Emergency Management
CPD Hours: 7-hours formal
Facilitator: Keri Harrison
Amberley at the Hurunui Library on 14 November 2019.

Catering: Morning tea and lunch will be provided
Your key learnings will be:

  1. Knowing your legal obligations regarding emergency management.
  2. Having a general knowledge of what emergencies can occur in the workplace.
  3. Knowing how to develop and emergency plan for your site.
  4. Knowing what to document in the emergency plan.
  5. Knowing what your reporting requirements are regarding emergencies.
  6. Knowing what training needs to occur on your site regarding emergency management.
  7. Applying your knowledge during a site visit.


  1. Welcome
  2. Legal Obligations
  3. Emergencies you have experienced
  4. Developing an Emergency Plan
  5. Documenting the Plan
  6. Importance of Training
  7. Application Activities to ensure maximum learning and return on investment
  8. Site Visit– Site Induction, Emergency Management Plan Induction, Operationalise and Review the site’s Emergency Management Plan
  9. Feedback and Close

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