PROPOSED REFORMS OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION The Government has proposed wide-ranging changes to vocational eduation in New Zealand. There are three proposals open for public consultation. The proposed reforms will:
  • Create a national institution, replacing the 16 existing polytechnics and institutes of technology
  • Disband Industry Training Organisations (ITOs)
  • Centralise the funding system.
It is proposed that ITOs are disbanded and the responsibility of developing qualifications is transferred to “Industry Skills Bodies”, with the management of apprenticeships and delivery of training managed by one national institution, combining the current 16 polytechnics. Under this structure, one polytechnic would take over the current 145,000 apprentices and trainees and 25,000 employers – plus the existing 110,000 polytechnic enrolments. The Industry Skills Bodies’ functions would essentially be limited to a standard setting role. The proposals represent the largest shift in New Zealand’s tertiary education and training system in over 25 years. The Government is seeking feedback on the proposals by 27 March. They expect to be in a position to respond to the proposals by the end of June. Your voice is important and we invite you to have your say. Find out more about the reforms and complete our survey on the MITO website via the link below. Proposed Reform of Vocational Education
We were delighted to award 49 outstanding individuals with 2019 MITO scholarships to help further their careers. The MITO scholarship programme contributes funding towards apprenticeships, training programmes and business management qualifications.
We congratulate all of our 2019 recipients on their success.
NZQA have approved the programme leading towards the surface strand of the New Zealand Certificate in Mining and Quarrying (First-line Supervision) (Level 4) and we are busy with the development of these learning and assessment resources.
This programme will provide an apprenticeship pathway for learners who have completed the New Zealand Certificate in Mining and Quarrying (Level 2), and who wish to gain advanced technical skills and knowledge as well as the capability to work as a first-line supervisor in a quarry or surface mine.
Finally, the MITO National Office in Wellington will be relocating to new premises at Level 3, 50 Customhouse Quay from Monday 1 April. All other contact details will remain the same. All the very best for the next few months. Yours sincerely
Andrew Clearwater
MITO Board Chairman