Consultation on revised Mining and Quarrying Regulations is now taking place.
Submissions are due to MBIE by Friday 17 August 2017. MinEx, working with AQA and IOQNZ, is making a submission on behalf of the Extractives sector and we are keen on your feedback on the suggested changes by Fri 10 August 2017. (You are also entitled to make your own submission directly but we see real benefit in aligned industry responses.)

Proposed changes affecting Quarries:

It is proposed that a separate section containing quarry regulations be added to the regulations. These will include:

1) Requirement for a Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) or Safety Plan.
The system/plan must take account of the size, nature and complexity of the site, and must include risk management. For simple operations the system should be simple to understand, small and relevant to the operation. There will be no requirement for Principle Hazard Management Plans nor will any quarry be required to have a Site Senior Executive (SSE). The HSMS will be developed by the operator/owner and implemented and maintained by the CoC holder (Manager).

2) The B-grade Quarry manager CoC will be limited to sites employing 4 or fewer people.
The BOE will reconsider what Unit Standards will be required for this revised CoC and we believe will consult with industry on this. It is possible that a B Grade will be able to manage or supervise a quarry of more than four staff under the guidance of an A Grade Manager, but this is up for further discussion.

3) Quarries that are not winning or processing material or have ceased winning or processing material
will be classified as “dormant quarries” and will be exempt from the regulations. An example here is a Council quarry where a contractor is employed to blast and crush roadbase, and put it into stockpile. Once stockpiled and the contractor leaves the site, this will become a dormant quarry. Such sites will be required to notify WorkSafe that they are now dormant quarries.

4) Notifiable Incidents.
Quarries will be required to report notifiable incidents to WorkSafe and complete a quarterly statistical report to WorkSafe.

Please send feedback on the above, or any other issues you have to [email protected]
before Friday 10 August 2018.