Quarry planning for operators of Extractive Sites

All mine and quarry sites have a legal obligation to have an up-to-date mine plan on site, which is an essential component of any operations risk management strategy. History confirms that many incidents and near misses have resulted from poor mine planning and the failure to address identifiable hazards.

The quality of mine plans should be consistent with the size and complexity of the operation and should be prepared by persons with appropriate skills that allow the plan to accurately reflect the completed and proposed workings.

1 day

Potential Participants:
Quarry Managers, Quarry Supervisors, Consulting Engineers, Area and Regional Managers

CPD Hours:
6 Hrs (Operating & Safety Systems)

Topics Covered:

  • An improved understanding of mine planning principles, and how they interact with humans
  • The ability to identify hazards associated with the design, operation and maintenance of quarry plans using a documented risk assessment approach
  • The ability to draft and maintain a mine plan with due consideration for the controls identified in the risk based approach
  • Acknowledge the pitfalls of poor quarry design and its potential impact on safety matters
  • Improve manager’s understandings of the benefits of long term planning, while considering stakeholders requirements
  • To provide a set of documented tools and guidelines that can assist managers in making improved planning decisions
  • An introduction to additional technical publications and advisory material.

Rod Huntley

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