This year editor of NZ Quarry and Mining Magazine, Alan Titchall recognised three persons in the quarrying industry as “future leaders” . They ere each provided with a certificate and $1000 each.

Details about each of the recipients is courtesy of Q&M Magazine, July 31, 2017.

Zara Clifton, Rocktec

Three years ago while doing a feature on Rocktec we published a photo of a young woman in overalls welding metal framing for a new screen.

Back then Zara Clifton was an apprentice fabrication engineer at Rocktec; now she is the company’s Health & Safety/ISO administrator.

Her boss, Rocktec general manager Don Mander, says: “I have known her for the last 4.5 years and always found her dependable, efficient and unfailingly punctual. Zara is a person who gives so much of attention to every detail she works on from the start to the finish and then ensures there is follow up on each task.

“Also, her willingness to work on difficult projects and tasks and see them completing has impressed everyone in the company over the years.

“To illustrate Zara’s integrity as a leader one example of many is her development of people with a focus on strong ethics. Much of her development is through example on all tasks she completes coaching staff to achieve.

“Her skills do not end with official work. She projects a warm, cheerful attitude to all our staff & clients. I have seen her resolving conflicts and handle many difficult situations for the last few years with remarkable patience and admirable tact. She loves people; works hard and always lifts the spirits of those around her. I believe these are the characteristics and qualities that represent all that is good for the company and staff

“Zara’s leadership style combined with her integrity and commitment to ethics helps make her a promising leader worthy of recognition.”

Ben Hopkins, Mimico

Ben Hopkins, the Crushing & Screening service manager at Mimico, leads a team specialising in the service and maintenance of mobile and static crushing and screening equipment.

He has a wealth of experience and expertise from his 10 years in the industry, has recently completed his full training as a mechanical service and maintenance engineer, and has been with Mimico for six years now after a couple of spells at Rocktec, where he was also involved in onsite plant installation and maintenance work.

“This gave me an excellent grounding in the industry with plenty of practical hands-on experience,” he says.

Ben was appointed to manage Mimico’s service team in 2013.

“We have now got a great team of guys here and they’re very good at what they do. The bottom line is we want to provide the best service available to our crushing and screening customers and I believe that’s what we achieve.”

Rex Davies, Mimico’s managing director says: “Not only is Ben extremely knowledgeable about the equipment, he’s also very customer focused and motivated to do the best job possible.

“He’s a real asset to our team.”

Matt Webster, Websters Hydrated Lime

The third award recipient is a young man following in the footsteps of his grandfather Bruce Webster, a founder of the IOQ.

Matt Webster operates Websters Hydrated Lime with his brother Nick and dad Robert. He is also on the IOQ board executive.

His father, who featured in the June/July issue of Q&M magazine, says plans are for Matt and Nick to take over the operation and Robert to reduce his practical involvement after almost five decades of work.

“Nick and Matt complement each other,” he says. “As kids, they used to fight like hell; now the older and wiser they get the more they get on. I will be leaving the family quarry in good hands for future generations.”