Kick Start:
Have you been working fulltime in the automotive, extractive, transport, logistics or industrial textile fabrication industry for less than 12 months? Then Kick Start your career with a MITO scholarship! Twenty scholarships are available, paying $1,000 towards the first year of your study for any MITO apprenticeship or traineeship programme at Level 4 or above.
Kick Start Scholarship Application Form

Have you completed a national qualification at Level 4 or above through MITO, Tranzqual or EXITO and would like to continue your studies while you’re working? This scholarship contributes up to $2,000 towards any programme of study related to the industry (either through MITO or another course provider, including universities). There are two scholarships available.
Graduate Scholarship Application Form

Business Skills:
Are you a current or aspiring manager or supervisor in one of MITO’s industries? Then apply for one of twenty Business Skills scholarships available. This scholarship will pay for the first year fees for MITO’s First Line Management programme, valued at up to $1,000.
Business Skills Scholarship Application Form

Clyde Cunningham QSM Memorial:
Are you a MITO automotive graduate in the Hawke’s Bay region? This scholarship honours a long-standing MITO employee and will pay for the first year of fees for either MITO’s Advanced Technical programme or MITO’s National First Line Management programme.
Clyde Cunningham Memorial Scholarship Application Form

Are you employed fulltime in the drilling industry and keen to progress your career with a MITO qualification? There are five scholarships available that will provide up to $1,000 towards the first year fees for MITO’s New Zealand Certificate in Drilling (Level 3).
Drilling Scholarship Application Form