Tim Warren secured the Gold MIMICO Award for Westport

Tim Warren secured the Gold MIMICO Award for rehabilitation of Tauranga Bay, Westport

The Holcim NZ project is a major rehabilitation of the Tauranga Bay (Westport) quarry and surrounding land, following Holcim’s decision to close the quarrying and cement making facilities by mid 2016. The aim is to rehabilitate the site into a recreation amenity for public use and restore surrounding lands to a maturing indigenous forest. It is a major project drawing on Holcim’s global Quarry Rehabilitation Directive and involving working with a very extensive group of stakeholders.

The restoration will create a mosaic of indigenous forest and wetland communities similar to what existed prior to European settlement. The enthusiasm for this restoration project by both the
entrants on behalf of Holcim, Tony Warren and Ajay Krishna, was very evident despite the fact that they were effectively going to work themselves out of a job as they wrap up the restoration project over the next year or so.

Most importantly, they were very focused on ensuring what is finally created will be of real value to the local community, in amenity and economic terms: an addition to the tourism drawcards of the area.