Barney Fuller (centre) receives the Niemac Award from Graham Fergusson for his

Barney is the Quarry Manager for Walton Park Sand, a division of Blackhead Quarries.
Barney has been working in the quarry industry for over 40 years. He started working for Fulton Hogan on their mobile crushers in the early 70’s and has been the manager of the sand plant for 30 odd years. When Blackhead Quarries, a joint venture between Fulton Hogan Ltd and Palmer & Son took over the sand plant in 2004, Barney stayed on as the manager.

This is a very good little business Barney has built up with not only the washed sand plant but also a dried sand plant supplying high grade sand across New Zealand.
Barney has been a member of the Institute of Quarrying for over 30 years and is a regular attendee at the annual conferences.

Work on the plant changes including design and build was all managed by Barney and a large portion of the work was carried out by Barney and his staff with help from local engineers where required.

More details about Walton Wash Plant Upgrade

Congratulations also to the 3 others short-listed for the Niemac Award:
Johnny Dickson – Dickson Transport & Quarries Ltd
Mike Ross – Rock Products
Richard Hardwick – Road Metals Co Ltd