It has been drawn to the attention of the IOQ NZ (Inc.) Executive that there are some members whose CoC’s that were due to expire in the later part of 2014 and upon enquiring with their local MITO representative, they may have been given the incorrect advice or, may have misunderstood the advice given.

The local MITO representative may have informed the affected members that they could wait to complete the additional US during 2015 to renew their CoC (that had expired during 2014) or the member may have incorrectly interpreted the discussion.

As a consequence of this misunderstanding of information, those affected members that did not renew their expiring CoC in 2014, would be required to ensure that they have the additional US and meet the requirements outlined in the gazette notice for “A” and “B” grade quarry managers (which would include being subject to an oral examination, submit a log book of experience which details the past two years and needs to be signed as a statutory declaration as well).

IOQ NZ (Inc.) would like to hear from any members who may have been affected by this miscommunication (when their CoC was due to expire during the later part of 2014).

All names will be treated confidentially in any communication with MITO. Should names be required in due course, permission from the members affected will be sought before being released.

Please contact Secretary