Proposed Extractive Industry Certificate of Competence requirements consultation

Please find attached an important notice from the New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners on behalf of WorkSafe New Zealand.

Its about consultation on the proposed changes to the Proposed Extractives Industry Certificate of Competence which will come into effect on 1 January 2015.

Minex CEO, Les McCracken makes further comments as below:
The Board of Examiners met 16 Oct and have now released their proposals relating to CoC holder competencies.
These can be found in the
* CoC Gazette Notice along with
* an explanation from WorkSafe on the competencies CoC Consultation Notice) and
* the submission document Response Submission Form for Draft CoC.

We have developed a simple matrix from the proposed Gazette notice to make it easier for you to see what unit standards are proposed against each CoC –
CoC-Competencies for CoC holders

One issue that we have identified as far is:

  • All 1st class mine managers, A grade quarry and A grade opencast coal mine manager and A grade Tunnel manager CoC holders need to complete 23547(G3)
  • All deputy, underviewer, and B grade opencast coal, quarry and tunnel managers need to complete 26856 (G2) risk management unit standards
  • This means that only the latter group will have the skills to run a risk assessment workshop
  • In many medium to small quarries the A grade manager is the sole staff person. That person needs to have the ability to run risk assessment workshops and so will have to complete both 23547 and 26856
  • While the quarry/alluvial sectors are not covered directly by the 2013 regulations they will be indirectly once the surface mine guidance is released
  • 26856 on its own would be sufficient given that the SSE role (except for the quarry/alluvial sectors that do not need an SSE) must complete 23547.

MinEx will be making a submission.
Please forward all submissions to Les McCracken by 5pm 11 Nov to allow us to prepare and submit by the closing date of 5pm 13 Nov 2014.