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numerous report on all 10 aspects of safety:
* Gravity / Fall of Person
* Gravity / Fall of Equipment
* Gravity / Rockfall
* Mechanical
* Mechanical / Vehicle Collision
* Mechanical / Vehicle Loss of Control
* Explosion
* Thermal / Fire
* Electrical
* Other
Apr 2008

Gravity ;Fall of a Person …

Gravity / Fall of Equipment…
Jan-Mar 2008

Safety Bulletins:
QLD Safety Bulletin 118

Working safely with tyres: highway-style trailer haulage
QLD Safety Bulletin 115

Risk management of heat exposure in mining

Preventing excavators from rolling over
QLD Safety Bulletin 107

Construction of seals
QLD Safety Bulletin 106

Recall of faulty Bulbeck 4.5 and 9 kg fire extinguishers
QLD Safety Bulletin 105

Safety and health management system –
Water management plans
QLD Safety bulletin 104

Resuming operations after severe weather
QLD Safety Bulletin 103

Earthmover rims
QLD Safety Bulletin 102

Severe weather preparedness
QLD Safety Bulletin 101

Brake System Maintenance /Rubber Tyred Vehicles
QLD Safety Bulletin 100

Retrofit advice for some Haulotte mobile elevating work platforms.
QLD Safety Bulletin 99

Uncontrolled movement on mine roads, including skidding,
sliding, and light or heavy vehicle roll-over.
QLD Safety Bulletin 94

Excessive watering of haul-roads
QLD Safety Bulletin 93

Sunlight and other ultraviolet radiation risk
QLD Safety Bulletin 92

Severe weather events
QLD Safety Bulletin 91

Heat Stress
QLD Safety Bulletin 90

Brake Problems on On-Highway Trucks at Mines
QLD Safety Bulletin 88

Management of dust containing crystalline silica (quartz)
QLD 080930 Safety Bulletin86

..coal mines and mobile equipment account for the vast majority of the fires… more
QLD 080625 Safety Bulletin 82

Product Alert / Recall…
an issue with some 1.5 tonne Rig-Mate lever hoists.
QLD 080602 Safety Bulletin 79

Quarry Benches revisited
QLD 080625 Safety Bulletin 77

Earthmover Tyre & Rim Safety
Safety Alerts:
QLD Safety Alert 291

Fatality on a mine site
QLD Safety Alert 286

Coal mine worker hit by loose discharge hose
QLD Safety Alert 285

Inappropriate use of pre-workout supplements
QLD Safety Alert 284

Severe acid burns to foot as drain collapses
QLD Safety Alert 283

Screenbox flywheel failures on
Powerscreen® Chieftain 2-deck screening plants
QLDSafety Alert 282

Catastrophic structural failure of excavator boom
QLD Safety Alert 280

Emergency refuge bay explosion
QLD Safety Alert 271

Longwall fluid-injection injury
QLD Mines Safety Alert 270

Managing underground coal mine contractors — alarm bells are ringing!
QLD Safety Alert 269

Potential contamination of underground mine ventilation by blast fumes generated at an open-cut mine
QLD Safety Alert 268

Unauthorised use of an auxiliary fan
QLD Safety Alert 267

Incorrect assembly causes dangerous projectile
QLD Safety Alert 266

Managing hot-seat changeovers
QLD Safety Alert 265

Blast-exclusion zones
QLD Safety Alert 264

Hazard of backfeed on some UPS units
QLD Safety Alert 263

Non-slewing articulated mobile cranes tipping
QLD Safety Alert 260

Failure of explosion protection on underground diesel engine systems
QLD Safety Alert 1

Earthmover tyre and rim safety
QLD Safety Alert 44

Prevention and management of blastfumes
QLD Safety Alert 258

Rail safety at coal mines
QLD Safety Alert 255

Fire on an underground loader
QLD Safety alert 253

Electric shocks from welding equipment
QLD Safety Alert 251

Safe Operation of Light Vehicles
QLD Explosives Safety Alert 41

Unplanned initiation of an electric detonator by an
electronic detonator firing unit
QLD Safety Alert 39 v3

Current leakage causes explosives to misfire in underground coal shot
QLD Safety Alert 249

Injury while working from a loader bucket
QLD Safety Alert 248

Facial impact injury from fuel tank cap releasing under pressure
QLD Safety Alert 247

Trucks tipping over edge
QLD Safety Alert 246

Driving while fatigued
QLD Safety Alert 245

Serious crush injury from Jumbo development drill boom
QLD Safety Alert 242

Electrical Shocks from Laboratory Ovens / Furnaces
QLD Safety Alert 241

Rupture of High Pressure Hydraulic Line
QLD Safety Alert 10 02 03

HV Cubicle Arc Flash- Mt Isa Mine
QLD Safety Alert 237

Rear Dump Truck Drives Over Light Vehicle
QLD Safety Alert 233

Risk of nervous system disorder from inhaling electrical
cleaning solvent vapours containing 1 Bromopropane

QLD Safety Alert 232

Vehicle collisions – how long before it’s really bad?
QLD Safety Alert 231

Arc flash injuries received from 22kV ring main unit
QLD Safety Alert 228

Fatal Accident – Loader Enters Open Stope
QLD Safety Alert 224

QLD Safety Alert 223

Apprentice Injured While Maintaining Mobile Crusher
QLD Safety Alert 221

Flameproof Alternator Electrical Protection
QLD Safety Alert 220

Arcing Fault Causes Flash Burns and Equipment Damage
QLD Safety Alert 219

Man Basket Security
QLD Safety Alert 218

Fatal Impact of Light Vehicle into Rear of Heavy Vehicle
QLD Safety Alert 217

Failure of towing components and inappropriate safety chain arrangements
QLD Safety Alert 215

Gate Valve Failure
QLD Safety Alert 213

…electromagnetic interference with the electronic throttle positioning sensor
QLD Safety Alert 212

Fatal Crush Injury..
QLD Safety Alert 211

Light Vehicle Rim Cracking
QLD Safety Alert 210

Dozer Falls from Bench
QLD Safety Alert 209

Contamination of Fresh / Potable Water
QLD Safety Alert 208

Incorrectly assembled split rims on forklift

QLD 080923 SafetyAlert205

A rear dump truck and a light vehicle collided at a mine ramp intersection….
QLD Safety Alert 204

Personnel standing in machinery operating zones.
QLD 080418 Safety Alert 194

Well Done! Collision Saved by Centre Rill on HaulRoad…
QLD 080318 Safety Alert 187

Vehicle/Mobile plant support stands
QLD 080221 Safety Alert 192

Dump truck brake failure and rollover at escape ramp
QLD 080215 Safety Alert 19[v1]

Fire in rear tray of shotfirer vehicle
QLD Safety Alert 42

Crushing fatality – pipe racks load shift>
News Updates:
QLD News Update 090728

Vehicle accident at underground mine
QLD News Update 090707

Fatal Accident at a Quarry near Townsville
QLD News Update 090605

Prosecution following mine accident at Riverton limestone mine
QLD News Update 090604

Fatal Accident at Underground Mine near Mt Isa..
QLD News Update 081210

Safety of mine and quarry workers during extreme weather events
QLD News Update 080118

Fatal Accident at an Underground Mine
Safety Incident Reports:
QLD Significant Incident Report 77

Opal miner dies from engulfment in mullock
QLD Safety Incident Report 76

Fatality involving a water truck
QLD Incident Report 74 090117

Uncontrolled movement of cables and cable drums
QLD Incident Report 72 – March09

Lifting Lug Failure…
QLD Crane Incident Report 66

HAZARD: Falling hook and headache ball..
QLD 081110 Newsupdate

..Fatally injured when he jumped from the 38 metre highwall into water in the bottom of the pit…
QLD 0808 Newsletter

Changes to mine safety laws; Safety and Health recruitment program; Proximity detection systems; Tilmans tyre tips..more