On 18th April EXITO are holding their AGM at the Jet Park Hotel, Mangere, Auckland.

The Quarry industry has a seat as of right on the EXITO Board and a representative of
IOQ /AQA is also elected to the Board each term. Our current representatives are Brian
Bouzaid [Chairman of Board], Bruce Taylor [AQA] and Gordon Laing [IOQ].

In the past the quarry industry has been strongly represented which has allowed their
input into training requirements for the quarry industry and also to maintaining a strong
focus on the quarry sector as is possible.

To enable this to continue we would ask that if your company is a paid up member of EXITO and not attending the AGM if you could please complete a proxy vote and return it to EXITO at least 24 hours prior to the AGM on 18th April, with a vote in favour of our industry.

Print Proxy forms and information.

You can email the IOQ Secretary [email protected] for further information

We thank you for your support!