The members present at Canterbury Branch meeting held on 21 May 2008 in Christchurch endorsed the election of Andrew Mahon as Chairman.
Andrew is a member of the IOQNZ Executive Committee, and works with Isaac Construction Company. Isaacs have a motto – “combining construction with conservation” , and the company has received many awards for its commitment to excellence
We believe some of the Isaacs’s pedigree will rub off onto the Canterbury Branch
Andrew seeks to hold a meeting every 3 months as a minimum. Shortly two away-trips will be organised – one to the west coast to a coalmine, staying overnight, and one to Nelson. Watch this space.

Managing Director of Road Metals, Murray Francis (who in 2006 had presented ’50 Years of Road Metals’ to four North Island branches and also at the Christchurch Conference) regaled the Christchurch meeting with yet more tales of good times he and his men had experienced over the years. True to form, he is passionate and proud of his company’s achievements and the quarrying industry. Did we mention he loves telling a good yarn?
Thanks Murray for your continued support.

Several members received their membership certificates from IOQ President, George Kelcher – Nic Halswell, Perry Adam, Robert Sylvester. “It is also particularly pleasing to welcome as Associate members of the IOQ, Janey McCullough and Karen Morris, from Solid Energy, in what is predominantly a male dominated industry” he said.

Many thanks to Titan Volvo for sponsoring the evening, and to those companies that contributed to the raffle prizes.