Murray Francis (right) accepts the working model jaw crusher
– the 2007 Niemac Trophy awarded by Graham Fergusson
to Oamaru-based Road Metal’s Cental Otago Manager, Jack Parker
Murray and Adrienne Francis celebrate at the Volvo Awards Dinner.

Jack Parker has been in the Quarrying Industry for nearly 36 years.

This nomination is in recognition of Jack?s ability in designing, operating and maintaining innovative and ground breaking crushing and screening plants. Jack?s ability and innovations have lead to maximum utilisation of resources, which is becoming more important as resources are diminishing.

Jack has gained huge respect within the Industry due to his ability to achieve production targets, manage difficult conditions and meet the specifications required through innovative plant operation and work methods.

The contract below also reflects the best use of raw materials which at times in the past have been treated as cut to waste material. In this instance it has been turned into a very usable range of products.

Wash plant at Jack?s Point producing sand and aggregate for drainage and concrete.

Screening schist rock at Jack?s Point for decorative stone walls. This plant was also used to screen large volumes of top soil.

Rock Screen at Jacks Point screening large rock for retaining walls.

Jack and his team of men have been, and still are, responsible for the production of many different aggregates at the Jacks Point project in Queenstown.

Under Jack?s close guidance this job has included the production of many different products for a variety of uses, and has utilised several different processing plants.

The key to the success of these plants is the flexibility they have to produce a large range of products with minimal alterations and minimal downtime and the use of Jack?s local knowledge in how to best utilise the raw material that is available.

Some of these products include:
* rock for the construction of stone walls,

* sand and aggregate for production of on site concrete,

* drainage materials

* various landscaping products and also

* a proportion of AP65mm subbase and AP40mm basecourse materials required for roading.

Jack’s Team have also undertaken the screening of topsoil required for the Golf Course and other ongoing landscaping.

The majority of the material required for this project has been sourced and processed on site and has maximised the utilisation of the available resources.

This has also reduced heavy traffic movements in the area as any other source of raw material is a considerable distance away. The processing of materials on site has been a major benefit to Jacks
Point Development Ltd and a high profile contract for Road Metals Co Ltd thus providing a win/win situation for Client and Contractor alike.

The Project is now well on the way to taking shape with the Golf Course nearing completion and the first houses being built on the initial available sections.

Example of schist rock wall at Jack’s Point