When Lindsay Cook, General Manager of Mounts Wire Industries describes some of his company’s achievements he does so with a quiet passion, and a real sense of pride. After all, not many companies
extend back 87 years In 1919 Mounts Wire commenced its operations in Newmarket. In those days two brothers, Robert and Lesley Ross ran the operation as Steel importers. Later on the brothers went their own ways – Robert being involved with what is now known as Steel & Tube; and Lesley Ross moved the woven wire business to East Tamaki.

The same premises hosted our local Auckland Branch Meeting on 7 Feb 2006. Not a big turnout, but 15 or so members enjoyed the opportunity to learn about what’s new with the wire business.

Mounts Wire is part of the Pacifica Group and is closely associated with Melwire Australia. In Western Australia supplies the Polyurethane panels screens ; Melbourne specialises in Conveyor belts for the Food Industry along with Architectural products; Brisbane makes both wire woven screens and punched rubber screens.

The New Zealand operation derives approx 50% of its income from the quarrying industry, and products for the food industry another 15-20%. But it is the industrial filter business that our members found interesting.

Mounts Wire designed a purpose built a machine to create filter discs – the filter cloth is sandwiched between two protective sheets of finely woven mesh to process recycled plastic. Filter disc sizes range from 90mm-185mm diameter.

Sales of these products have already reached 15% and climbing. Fine wire ranges from 0.4-10mm diameter. “The fine woven mesh products are an intriguing part of our business” says Lindsay as he holds up a small round powder coated disc “these are the speaker covers, made right here in Auckland for the new Calais Holdens”

Pictured at left are John Ashby with Lindsay Cook in front of the new filter screen manufacturing machine.

Mounts are targetting a new customer base- architects looking for new ways to dress up buildings with woven stainless steel and phosphor bronze. Such as Sky City Casino. Watch this space.

Specialist Product Salesman, August Matene (also IOQ Auckland Branch Committee member) has been with Mounts Wire Industries for over 11 years. His passion is still for the quarrying industry and the new 1′ x 2′ (that’s 305mm x 610mm) polyurethane panels made by injection molding process just launched a few months ago at the Annual Conference at Waitangi.

The key here is that they can be retrofitted to existing screens so there is no need to purchase a new deck, just the panels and fitting bars. “During testing at Queensland’s CSIRO they were subjected to and withstood forces of 8G! So we’re pretty pleased with that!”

The first installation of this product is in a dewatering application at Perry’s Sand Plant at Horotiu, near Hamilton. Holcim Aggregates are soon to take delivery of their first polyscreen at Bombay Quarry in a rock environment.

Many thanks as always to our sponsors who provided us with both some good educational stuff, along with a delicious barbeque dinner and refreshments.


There was still more to the evening as Hamilton-based company Tyreseal demonstrated their new product for puncture repairs.

More details soon, meanwhile check out the Tyreseal website, or contact Andrew Bradley on 07 853 5973.