The most recent branch meeting was held on 30 May 2005 at Hornby Working Men?s Club Christchurch
Branch members and interested parties were welcomed to the meeting by Rob Kennington (standing in for George Mitchell).
George Mitchell tendered his resignation as Canterbury Branch Chairman due to ill health. We would like to thank George for his efforts in getting the branch up and running again and wish him a speedy recovery.
Nominations for a new chairman were called from those present. Ken Macleod from Ashburton Contracting Ltd was nominated and he accepted the chairmanship for the branch.

2006 Conference Update:
David Laing, Andrew Royfee, Gavin Parker, Ken Macleod, Rob Uffindell and Lou Ditmer now comprise the
conference committee, and Kelvin Strong will discuss the roles and responsibilities of the committee soon.
Ideas for the conference theme have been received and we thank those who have contributed. However, one theme stood out from the rest and we have decided to use it next year. Tom Reece from EXITO has suggested the theme ?The Rise and Fall of the Southern Alps?. This is the title of a book written by Len Coates which explains in layman?s terms how the Southern Alps were formed, the subsequent erosion which formed the Canterbury Plains and provided us with a source of aggregates and materials. EXITO have also offered to sponsor a copy of the book for each conference satchel.

Len Coates is a very good speaker and he has indicated that he would like to present a paper on ?The Rise and Fall of the Southern Alps?, tailored to suit our extractive industries at the conference.

Brian Court (Screening & Crushing Systems) asked that the conference field trip include or be, a working display in a quarry so that the South Island equipment manufacturers and suppliers could show off their products to the rest of the country.

This meeting was sponsored by Mounts Wire Industries who provided the after meeting supper and refreshments. We would like to thank Rob Kennington for his assistance.

Raffle Tickets were $5.00 each and we raised $95.00. Prizes were donated by Fulton Hogan, TransDiesel, and Advanced Engineering Group.

Lou Ditmer, Secretary.