On Wed 12 November 2003 a meeting of approximately 50 people gathered at Winstone Aggregates Otaika Quarry (Whangarei) in an endeavour to re-activate the Northland Group.

The response was positive. There was strong support from those actively engaged in the various facets of the industry and robust representation from associated suppliers of goods and services.

Messrs Halliday and Linnell acted as Chairman and Secretary.
Election of Revived Group Officers
Chairman: Bob Handley
Vice-Chairman: Jeff Challis
Joint Secretary/Treasurer: Dennis Cochrane /John McQuin

Committee: Craig Robertson /Clive Halliday /Mark Laybourn /Glen Savage

Financial Cheque signing authority was assigned and the group annual subscription was affirmed at $10 per person.

The National Secretary, Mr Andrew Robertson, spoke and encouraged the members of the gathering to apply for formal membership of the Institute, although, if they did not wish so, they would still be welcome as members of the Northland group.

Mr Halliday moved a resolution of thanks to Mr Bob Handley and Winstone Aggregates for providing the meal and refreshments. This was carried with acclamation. The formal part of the evening being completed the gathering was handed over to Mr John Walrond of OSH and Catherine Venrooy from the Extractive Industries Training Organisation (ExITO).

Mr Walrond spoke regarding recognition of the several qualifications required for active participation in the industry. Ms Venrooy (ExITO) spoke of the training available and our need to co-ordinate students and employers together to control costs. She emphasised that Northland people should get together to establish groups of students (trainees) for operational efficiency and to enable ExITO to give full value.

All formal business as per the agenda was completed by approximately 7:40 pm and those attending partook of food and refreshments sponsored by Winstone Aggregates.