Ian Wedding
Winner of 2003 Paykel Shield

The Komatsu Christmas Function 2003
was held again at the Ellerslie Convention Centre on 5 Dec 2003. Many thanks to our fantastic hosts Komatsu, in conjunction with Groeneveld and Ingersoll Rand. Approx 70 people attended.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of the Paykel Engineering Shield, awarded for Outstanding Contribution to the Auckland Group During the Years. This year it was awarded to Ian Wedding. Well done Ian, truly deserved.

A special mention and thank you was made by the members in regards to Murray Discombes ongoing contribution to the I.O.Q.

Our members again gave generously for a ticket in the raffle, with the last ticket drawn by Mrs Merle Wedding. She chose to donate the $1300 raised to the SPCA. As a lot of animals are dumped over the Christmas break and some of those end up in our sites looking for a feed, it is a charity we are all aware of and appreciate.

President Brian Bouzaid updated us with what has been happening during 2003. Read report