Turnco-Niemac-JCI Achievement Award

The Turnco-Niemac-JCI Achievement Award  is made to recognise personal achievement by an IOQ member working as a quarry plant operator or engineer.

The intent is to reward a person directly responsible for plant operation, or in plant maintenance, or in problem-solving in the industry.

The Award offers opportunity to reward an achiever who may not necessarily be conspicuous within the industry.


  1. The nominee must currently belong to the Institute of Quarrying NZ (Inc).
  2. Nominations can be made by any member or group committee of the Institute of Quarrying NZ (Inc)
  3. Nominations should be sent to the Branch Secretary by mail or email (PDF preferred) before 31 May each year.
  4. Nominations should include summary information relating to the person, their employment history, currrent work and responsibilities, and a detailed accont of the particular outstanding achievement(s)considered to warrant recognition. The detailed account of achievement should include technical and/or financial information and pictures, as appropriate, to support the nominee’s achievements. It should also make clear what resources and support were (or were not) available to help the Nominee to get the results detailed.
  5. The Selection Panel will consist of the NZ President (or nominee), another IOQ Executive Committee member, and a Director of Turnco Engineering.
  6. An award will be made each year if the nominations received are of a suitable standard and in the prescribed format.
  7. The presentation of the award will where possible be made at the Institute’s New Zealand Annual Conference

Download IOQ-Award-Nomination-Form

Past Winners

2020 No conference

2019 Graeme Allan – Road Metals

Previously known as the Niemac Award

2016 Don Parker – Road Metals

2015 Barney Fuller – Walton Park Sand

2014 Joanne Dickson – Dickson’s Glenbervie Quarry

2013 Craig Payne – J Swap

2012 Peter Shapiro – Redbull Powder Company

2010 Tim Kennedy – Fulton Hogan

2009 Hans Hollis – Holcim

2008 Doug Upston – Road Metals

2007 Jack Parker – Road Metals

2006 Cobus van Vuuren – Higgins

2005 Lex Robb – Balfour Lime

2004 Roddy Maxwell – Fulton Hogan

2003 George Kelcher – Road Metals

Previously known as the Niederer Machinery (1989) Award

2002 Graeme Leach

2001 Brian Bouzaid

2000 Robert Webster

1999 Rodd Field

1998 Grant Amunsden

1996 Don Bellingham

1995 Peter Hamilton

1994 Mike Adams

Turnco-Niemac-JCI Achievement Trophy is a model Jaw Crusher trophy with an inscribed plaque, which is donated by Turnco Engineering and given to the recipient to keep.


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