Rocktec Innovation Award

Rocktec Innovation Award

The Rocktec Innovation Award is a $3,500 travel award offered annually for excellence and service to any branch and/or to the Institute of Quarrying NZ (Inc). The award is to assist the recipient to further his or her knowledge of the quarrying industry for their benefit and that of the Institute of Quarrying NZ (Inc).

The award is to recognize an individual’s contribution to excellence and innovation in the quarry industry. The contribution can be for innovation in design, production, operations, automation, plant design, maintenance or processes as a single event or for a longer term contribution over a period of time.

The recipient would use the travel award to view operations, enhancements, automation, plant design and services and maintenance that are innovative or being used to improve quarry efficiencies, production or operation practices with a view of sharing these ideas within his/her own business and the industry.


  1. The nominee must be an active member of the Institute of Quarrying NZ (Inc) and have been involved in the quarrying industry for the past 2 years with written proof that the award will benefit his or her career.
  2. The award is not transferable and all travel must be completed within 12 months of the presentation which is made at the Institute’s New Zealand Annual Conference normally held in July each year.
  3. A condition of the award is that a detailed written report on the travel is submitted to the Institute and Rocktec Ltd within 12 months of the presentation. The report will become the property of the Institute who can publish it in whole or part as it sees fit.
  4. Both Rocktec Ltd and the Institute of Quarrying NZ (Inc) will give every assistance to the recipient to plan the travel and during travel, but neither accepts responsibility for the persons well-being or costs in excess of the amount of $3,500 while the travel is being undertaken.
  5. Nominations can be made by any member of the Institute or any Group Committee.
  6. Nominations should be sent to the National Secretary together with all required information before 31 May each year.
  7. The selection Panel consists of the NZ President and Past President (or nominee), another IOQ Committee Member and a representative of the Rocktec Ltd team.

Download IOQ-Award-Nomination-Form