Applying for Membership

The application form for membership and membership upgrades is available here:

  • Complete all details
  • Your Application Form must have an IOQ member proposer and seconder
  • Sign the Application Form.
  • Attach associated personal documentation.
  • Important – All Applications for Memberships with supporting documentation can be either mailed to the Secretary or emailed to
Please post all applications for membership to the IOQNZ Secretary

Membership Upgrades

Members who are wishing to upgrade from say Associate to Member, Member to Fellow, etc., will also be required to complete an Application Form (see below). Copies of each member’s original Application Form are kept by the Secretary. Obtaining a copy prior to completing a new Application Form for Membership Upgrade will make this process easier.

Membership Transfer between Affiliated International Institutes

Members who already belong to the Institute of Quarrying in another affiliated country (UK, Southern Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia) can apply to transfer their membership without completing a new Application Form. We (IOQNZ) will simply contact the relevant Secretary to confirm that your application is genuine.

Similarly, IOQNZ members wishing to transfer to one of the above countries, can expect their membership to be transferred.