Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the fellowship, education and training of members to enhance the image and professionalism of quarrying in New Zealand.


  • Membership To achieve and maintain a high level of membership of the Institute in New Zealand.
  • Training To actively support, promote and encourage training and education with relevant input from outside organisational bodies.
  • Health & Safety To promote and encourage best practice in relation to Health and Safety in the workplace.
  • Environment To promote good environmental management practice throughout the quarrying industry.
  • Relationships To maintain and enhance relationships with, other industry associations, the public, media and government through the active participation.
  • Financial To ensure that the finances of the organisation are sufficient to carry out the objectives.
  • Affiliation To advance the science of quarrying (“the Science”) in New Zealand or overseas in the interests of the public at large, whether in New Zealand or overseas.
  • Image To promote the profession of quarrying as an essential activity, vital to our way of life.


  1. Actively promote the benefits of the IOQ to all industry employees.
  2. Provide IOQ promotional material to members, local branches, companies, trade suppliers.
  3. Support and promote local branch activities:
    Develop and distribute the Institute Officers’ Guide to Council and Branch Chairman and receive suggestions for improvements 

    • Encourage members to enter for the Annual National awards
    • Maintain a complete list of all branch meetings and contact details on the IOQ web site
    • Recommend options to encourage more members to be involved in IOQ matters and activities.
    • Review the success (or otherwise) of the initiative to present membership certificates to new entrants at branch meetings.
    • Ensure that the President or his elected representative visits local branches at least once a year.
    • Recommend and coordinate with local branches four Lecture Tours per year
    • Consider and report to Council on the payment of fees and expenses for speakers on IOQ Branch and national events
    • Coordinate Branch Reports to be tabled at Council Meetings
    • Coordinate for Branch Chairman to attend one IOQ Executive meeting per year.

Education Committee

  1. To have continued representation in the governance of MITO to ensure all education and training needs of IOQ members are met.
  2. Co-operate with training organisations for the ongoing needs of industry and individuals for training courses particularly in respect of:
    • quarry management
    • marketing
    • business acumen including legal and statute obligations
    • health and safety management
    • materials handling and processing.
    • environmental management.
    • recycling
  3. Encourage directly, and via local branches, industry?s full involvement and commitment to higher education courses in quarrying
  4. Prepare in consultation with the Combined AQA/IOQ Conference Committee, a four-year rolling programme of conference symposium topics
  5. Prepare a summary of publications and technical handbooks covering a range of technical subjects:
    • to identify subject matters, priorities and consider the frequency of updating,
    • consider awards for authors in conjunction with the Educational Development Fund Committee
  6. Review all scholarships and prizes with particular reference to
    • what is available
    • selection criteria
    • results, and
    • active promotion
  7. Receive proposals from the members in respect of funding recommendations and monitor results.
  8. To review the qualification criteria for membership of the Institute.


  1. To keep a watching brief on the effect of legislation both local / central and its potential effect on the industry.
  2. Support other Industry Associations such as the Aggregate & Quarry Association (AQA) and the NZMIA to ensure a unified industry wide representation.

Finance and General Purposes

  1. To manage the financial affairs of the Institute to ensure that the Mission and Objectives can be met:
    • to monitor operating performance against budget
    • to review the performance of the Institute’s investment portfolio.
  2. Maintain a watching brief on the financial implications from changes in the IOQ membership.
  3. Oversee the administrative arrangements for the annual conference:
    • to present recommendations on a revised conference format to Council
    • to develop a set of guidelines for potential sponsors
    • finalise a rota of conference host branches
    • develop a policy in respect of invited guests


  1. To keep a watching brief on the performance of the Institute in relation to its objectives:
    • oversee the development of the business plan
    • review staff resources in respect of the projected workload
    • establish a five-year plan rolling plan for the succession of Honorary Officers
    • consider and make recommendations for Additional Members of Council, including the possible provision of places for young members, and
    • make recommendations for honours and awards
  2. To liase with the overseas division and branches over matters associated with affiliation
  3. Propose items for the Executive meetings
  4. Provide advice and guidance to the other overseas groups in respect of affiliation as requested.
  5. Consider reports in respect of official overseas visits and take such action as is within the remit of the committee.
  6. To consider any appropriate changes of a constitutional nature
  7. Consider the implications of simplifying the membership grade structure

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