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UK SafeQuarry Reports

Articles from ‘Safe Quarry’ website) Slips on Concrete site Delivery of Bitumen CEMEX Suite of Visual Aids on Safe Driving CEMEX Suite of Visual Aids on Isolation Procedures

USA Safety Reports

USA Safety Reports

Significant Event 09-06-04 Fatality – Ped vs LV RunOver Significant Event 08-02-23 Backhoe Contacted Gas line Significant Event 09-02-21 Surface Production Drilling Mast Failure Significant Event 09-02-15 Underground Shaft Cage Movement Significant Event 09-02-04 Processing Loader Causing Rock Fall Significant Event 09-01-06 Fatality KCGM Fall from HV Cat 777D Significant Event 08-11-12 Underground Bogger Struck […]


WA Safety Reports

WA Mines Safety Significant Incident Report 170 Gold room explosion – integrated pressure strip electrowinning (IPSE) circuit failure WA-Mines Safety Bulletin 95 Ventilation standards in underground mines WA Safety Bulletin No91 Use of wooden blocks to support earthmoving equipment WA-SIR162 Fitter struck by roller shutter support bracket WA Safety Bulletin No 87 Excavating near cables […]

VIC Safety Reports

VIC Reports: VIC Alert-HaulTruck0903 Know and understand the vehicle’s blind spots.. VIC SIR 0812 Batter Collapse Update v2 VIC 0805 Skillsaw What a shocker – leave the skillsaw guard on VIC 0803 SIR Major ground fall traps miners VIC 0802 SIR Impact of blasting fumes VIC 0801 SIR Major collapse of batter in open-cut coalmine?

IOQNZ Rule Changes

Your Executive Council has proposed a number of changes to the IOQNZ Rules, to accurately reflect changes made by the IOQUK. The changes remove anomalies and ambiguity, correct minor spelling mistakes and include for email correspondence, to name a few changes. This serves as notification that the revised rules will be tabled at the IOQNZ […]

NSW Safety Reports

NSW Safety Reports

Safety Alerts: NSW SafetyAlert 12-02 Driver injured during pipe unloading NSW Safety Alert 11-10 Park-brake malfunction leads to crush injuries NSW Safety Alert 11-03 Stockpile Collapses on Loader Driver NSW Safety Alert 11-02 Field technician trapped between vehicle bull bar and stock gate NSW Safety Alert 11-01 Water inrush from Raisebore Hole NSW Safety Alert […]